couple moving their furniture into a new house
couple moving their furniture into a new house

What do you do when you want to save on the cost of the service that you need to get done? The DIY route can surely help you save on some cash. However, you still have to remember that there are some things better left in the hands of professionals.

Fortunately moving is somewhat in between. You can definitely DIY your move or you can hire more experienced people to do it for you. That would really depend on the stuff you need to move.

For example, if your stuff includes a grand piano, even if it’s only a baby grand piano, you better have movers do it for you. It’s still quite heavy and you might injure yourself or ruin it if you try to do it on your own.

Nonetheless, doing it yourself could still be very successful and cheaper too. Let’s make your DIY move more successful and easier by giving you some tips on what to do.

Tip 1: Get Some Help

A DIY move doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do everything on your own. If you do, you’ll just end up being tired, stressed out, or worse–get injured. You can get help from family and your friends. You could also get help from professional helpers to help you pack and carry everything you need to move.

Tip 2: Rent Out A Moving Truck

It will be so much easier if you rent out a moving truck or a trailer. Doing so makes sure that all of your things fit and you won’t have to do multiple trips just to get everything. Additionally, you can make sure that the bigger items you move like the couch, your favorite chair, the antique dining table, or the 60-inch TV fit securely.

Tip 3: Start The Day Early

During the moving day, make sure you start early. Placing all the items in the truck can take time. Also, driving the truck early in the morning helps avoid traffic and the intense heat at midday especially during the summer. You also won’t have to rush because you aren’t running out of daylight anytime soon.

Tip 4: Junk Some Items

Do you really need to move all the items? It would be best to choose what to bring, what to donate, and what to throw away. The move is much easier if you move fewer items. Plus you don’t have to rent out the biggest moving truck if you just learn to let go of some of your items.

Tip 5: Consider Renting Moving Equipment

Moving equipment can certainly help you move more challenging items. It can also be used to move more items at a time. Dollies for your heavier and bigger items make them easier to move.