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Transportation of new cars on a trailer with a truck for delivery to dealers

When you ask people how they take their car when they relocated, most will answer that they just drove them. This is the simplest way to do it because your car is meant to help you go through distances.

But did you know that you can have your car shipped instead of just driving them? You might be shaking your head because why would pay someone to move your car when you can simply drive it? That’s a good argument, but what if you have multiple cars or are moving to another state? Would you still drive your car to your destination?

Sometimes, simply driving your car to where you are relocating isn’t the best option. It would be better to have them transported. Here are the most common scenarios when it would be better to have your car transported…

Military Relocation

Most military personnel are frequent movers because it is required for their service. The move can already be a stressful scenario for the whole family. Then add the responsibility of having to drive your car for long periods just to move it.

Having your car shipped can lessen the stressful scenario of your relocation. Contrary to what many people believe, there are many companies that offer affordable auto transport services across states.

Winter Relocation

Some people just can’t stand the cold due to the winter season especially those up North. If you have the lifestyle of seeking a warmer place during the cold winter months, you might choose to spend them down south. Why not have your car shipped instead of driving your car? This will save you time and energy so you can better enjoy your southern home for the winter.

If you’re leaving the north late and winter weather may have already started to take over, the roads may pose dangerous hazards. Having your car shipped will be a safer way to go to your Southern home. It prevents you from being at risk of such hazards and you can make sure your car arrives safe and fast.


Many local towing companies in your area offer this type of service in your area and are typically more affordable that full-service covered auto transporters. If the transportation route is domestic (United States), make sure that the auto transport, or towing company is licensed and insured in the states being traveled for long distance towing option.

College Move

If one of your children is moving for college, it can be challenging to have time off your work schedule just to assist your child with moving his or her vehicle. A better way to do that is just to have the car shipped.

In that way, you can both fly to the school to get your child settled without the hassle of driving their car. This saves you and your child time and stress.

An Out-Of-State Car Purchase

When you’ve spotted the car of your dreams, you’d make sure to get it even if it is out-of-state. However, if you do not have time to go pick it up and drive it home, shipping it is the best option. Sometimes, it may also not be in the best shape for long drives. It may be your project and could require work done before you can fully trust it for long drives. For safety purposes, just have the car shipped.

Participating In A Car Show

Car shows are awesome, you get to see different people flash their vehicles, mostly in pristine condition.

However, driving them to the event should be a resounding “No”.  Why?

Because they could get damaged along the way.  Additionally having your show car transported reduces value-killing miles on the vehicles, mostly in enclosed containers, would prevent the car’s exposure and risk of damage due to the added protection.

Job Relocation

Sometimes, moving up the career ladder would also require you to move across states. It is possible that your company will require you to start work immediately. If you live in another state, it could take days for you to drive your vehicle to your new job.

The best thing to do would be to fly there and leave your car in the hands of reliable auto transporters.


One of the best ways to get the most out of your vacation is to explore different sites with your car. Public transport may not be ideal but you don’t have to drive your car for miles just to have the opportunity to use it on your vacation.

Having it transported is best if you leave a far distance away from where you want to take your vacation. This can save you expenses, food and lodging if you take your vehicle with you for the long drive. Furthermore, having your car shipped can even give you an extra day or two at the place where you want to take your vacation.
Multiple Vehicle Transport

When you are relocating to a new home and you own multiple cars, it will be a waste of time having to go back and forth to drive your vehicles. A car transport provider can move all your vehicles at once. There are huge trucks that could handle multiple vehicles so you’ll know they’ll all reach you safely.


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