moving your business
Professional truck driver in front of long transportation vehicle holding thumbs up ready for a new ride.

As a moving company, who should you target? It is easy to say that you want to target everyone. However, not all people have the same needs. In order to land that client, you have to make sure that you give them what they need and want.

One overlooked target market is business owners. It is easy to assume that businesses have the capacity to move on their own. They might but most do not that’s why they also need our help. As businesses, they do have similar requirements with other clients. Additionally, they also have other special requirements. If you can provide those, then you can certainly land that business client.

Here are a few tips that will help you market and get that business client for your moving company.

Upgrade Your Moving Tools And Equipment

So you’ve got a moving truck and you think that would be enough to handle big-ticket clients like businesses. For some, it could be enough but for others, it wouldn’t be. Depending on what business you want to target, they might require special equipment or moving trucks.

Some businesses in the medical or food industry would require refrigerated trucks. Not having them might deter you from getting their approval. Apart from that, there are also some businesses that have a lot of big things to move. Although your moving truck may be able to fit some of them, it would be best if you have a bigger one.

If you don’t have a big one that can fit all of their things, the next best thing would be to have multiple trucks. Although your trucks can go back and forth if you only have one, there would be wasted time. Time is crucial for businesses as they need to get their business up and running again to prevent them from losing too much.

Offer Weekend Or Flexible Schedule

Businesses don’t often move but when they do, they’d like it to be as smooth and fast as possible to prevent negative effects to their businesses. With that, they would prefer moving companies that can offer their services during the weekends or off-office hours. This is to help make sure they still run their business as usual. They wouldn’t have to sacrifice some of their time just to move.

If your schedule would fit theirs, then it is likely for you to be hired by them. Sometimes, you could ask for off-hours additional fee and some would be more than willing to pay for them. They just need to make sure that the schedule fits.

Reputation Is Everything

Once you’ve got an agreement with a business or any client, you have to make sure that you keep your word. Provide them with the best service you can so that you can build your reputation. Most businesses wouldn’t just hand over the job to just any moving company. They do their research and make sure that you can do the job flawlessly.

Moving More Than Just Furniture

Most businesses own more than just office equipment and furniture.  Many rent or own vehicles or large equipment like generators.  Some are oversized.  These will need to be moved as well.

Although usually not in the “comfort zone” for most local moving companies, these larger items can still be moved at a profit with the help of an outside contractor like an auto transportation business, logistics service, and/or towing company.

Enlisting a contracted service is a great way to be flexible for customer request while not committing to the overhead required for dedicated equipment.

As with any outsourcing your moving company should do it’s due diligence and ensure that any transport businesses are reputable, insured, and have the necessary equipment to safely handle the payload to be moved. Any contracted services you enlist should sign a partner agreement that protect both sides from any malfeasance and ensure that a communications plan is in place for project details and emergencies.

Be Visible

The best way to be visible nowadays is to use the internet. Build your website and keep it updated. Create social media profiles and be active. Nowadays, many people still use search engines for the services they need.

However, there are also many who turn to social media sites. That’s because they also get to see the feedback from other people there. Keep your social media profiles engaged and active. You can post your previous clients plus photos of the equipment you have. That could help all types of clients choose your company.

Have A Referral Program And Loyalty Perks

A business owner usually knows other business owners. If you happen to impress them, you get access to possible clients. Level up the chance of getting hired again by creating a referral system. This could help you have constant clients. They would be more enthusiastic in referring you to their peers when they can also get something from it.

Loyalty perks or discounts can help you have constant business clients as well. Remember that a business might not only hire you when they want to move their offices. They can also hire you when they just need to move some other things, whether it is to move to and from their storage facilities, warehouses, or other branches.