Moving Company Basics
Moving Company Basics

Moving jobs often come part-and-parcel with a combination of repetitive tasks, tasks that require heavy weights, and / or awkward bodily positions.  Over time these tasks can do lasting harm on a human body.

That’s why in order to stay in-business – and to keep your employees free from injury – there are some required ergonomically designed products that a any successful moving company needs to have at the ready.

But what do we mean when we say “Ergonomic”?

As defined by Collins English Dictionary, the word ergonomic is associated with a product or process that is, “designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort, and hence maximize efficiency”

So today we wanted to take some time to identify some key ergonomically-minded products that any moving company should have.

Moving dollies

Dollies are a professional mover’s best friend and for good reason! Not only do they save a lot of time, but they also prevent accidents and protect you from getting injured when lifting and carrying heavy items like appliances, furniture, and boxes. The utility dolly is L-shaped and has a carrying capacity of 600lbs while the furniture dolly has a large flat base, four swivel wheels, and comes with a carrying capacity of 1000lbs.

The heavy-duty metal ones usually cost around $200 while the wooden ones with no handles cost anywhere from $20 to $40. For most moves, a wooden platform will suffice, though if you need a sizable aluminum or steel dolly, you can rent one for as low as $10.

Moving Van

While it might seem obvious, an ergonomically-designed moving van can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring employee safety.

While moving vans come in all shapes and sizes, at the bare minimum, the rear covered container should supply integrated straps for hold-downs in addition to places to store your dollies, moving blankets, and boxes. and moving equipment.

As part of your business standard operating process, a moving van should never be overloaded, and should provide enough walking space for workers to walk a normal gate while inside the moving container.

Additionally, a moving van should supply at least, one moving ledge at waist height for heavier, smaller items so that workers are required to bend down to lift.

Furniture sliders

The complete list of ergonomic products you need to has as a mover continues with furniture sliders. These are usually made from plastic or hard rubber and allow you to move heavy pieces of furniture very easily. Moreover, they also protect the floors from any damages like scratches and dents since the furniture slides effortlessly across any space.

When getting sliders, make sure to check which type of flooring they’re designed for, whether it’s wood, carpet, tiling, or linoleum.

Though some sliders can be used on different floors which adds to their functionality and versatility. Prices vary depending on a number of aspects but you can expect to pay $10 to $20 for a pack of 4 furniture sliders.

Moving blankets and pads

Moving blankets and quilted pads are also a must for a hassle-free moving experience. They’re often used to wrap and protect the furniture from any scratches and dents while the items are being put into storage. Not only that but they also preserve delicate surfaces from moisture and dirt.

These are a good investment because you can expect to use and reuse them for a long time, especially since they’re made from thick non-woven fabric that is highly durable. The process is very simple, all you need to do is wrap the blankets around furniture and appliances then use tape to keep them secure and in place. A pack of 12 high-quality moving blankets is usually around $70 to $90.

Moving straps and rope

Straps and ropes are essential to fasten items to the dolly and keep them secure while they’re being loaded into the moving truck. There are numerous options for straps that are currently available in the market. For instance, the shoulder strap requires that two people do the lifting and consists of a moving strap and two harnesses.

There’s the forearm forklift (around $25) which is basically the same as the shoulder strap except the harness is attached to the forearms instead of the back and shoulders. In addition to that, there’s the elastic strap ($10 for a pack of 12) for securing heavy appliances and the ratchet tie-down strap (about $25) used for securing big items in the moving vehicle during transportation.

Other moving “must’s”

protecting gloves are also very useful and will help protect your hands from injuries and accidents. Moreover, a toolbox containing all the essentials can be very convenient, things like a measuring tape, a flashlight, a pair of scissors, a utility knife, screwdrivers, pliers, a hammer, etc.

In addition to the moving van, you should also consider getting cardboard boxes of different sizes for storing all the items you will be required to move. This will only cost you around $200 and it will make you look a lot more professional to clients from the very start.


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